Local Grower Meeting -Feb 14

A producer meeting will be held at Wilson Lake Country Club in Marks on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at 9 AM.

The meeting will include the following topics and speakers:

Dr. Jason Bond—MSU Weed Science Specialist
Auxin Crop technology

Dr. Bobby Golden—MSU Rice and Soil Specialist
Soil Fertility

Lee Atwell & Dan Roach—MSU Irrigation Team
Alternate Wetting and Drying  system in Rice
Row Rice Production System

Drew Wilson—Quitman County Extension Agent
Recap of challenges faced in 2016 and how we manage for them in 2017

A good head count for lunch will be greatly appreciated. RSVP’s will be accepted at (662) 326-8939.


** A Boll Weevil Election for County Voting Delegates of the Mississippi Boll Weevil Management Corporation (MSBWMC) will be held at this meeting as well.

Those eligible to vote are regular members of the MSBWMC as set forth in the by-laws: REGULAR MEMBERS—Every producer in the State of MS who is actively engaged and physically involved in cotton farming in the previous year, is eligible for regular membership in the MSBWMC and shall be admitted to regular membership upon receipt of written application made to the Board of Directors. Regular members are the only members who shall have the right to vote, and shall be entitled to only one vote on any matter to be voted on by members.

Any grower that is not currently an active member, may fill out an application at the meeting and cast a vote.

This election will select both a VOTING DELEGATE and a ALTERNATE.



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